Welcome to the University Council website!

The University Council as the organization that includes elected representatives of all university constituent groups, subject to the powers vested in the president of the university and Board of Regents (BOR), shall have the functions described below:

a.  Assign issues to the most appropriate governance body (or bodies), but with the understanding that other bodies may also comment if they wish.

b.  Assure that the appropriate governance bodies are consulted in the creation of any ad hoc committee or task force addressing issues of general importance, and, if desired, will have the opportunity a nominate members to such ad hoc committees or task forces.

c.  Assure that the appropriate governance bodies are given the opportunity to consider and offer formal comment on the final reports of any such ad hoc committee or task force.

d.  Report to the President and other UC members the results of deliberations in various bodies when issues or reports are considered by multiple bodies

e.  Seek to reconcile conflicting advisory opinions when different bodies have conflicting views.